Our Mission

Bible Teaching Ministry

The Baptist Center is a Bible teaching ministry of Southern Baptists in the Northwest Coast Baptist Association cooperating to carry out the Great Commission of our Lord. It is engaged in doing a work of lasting importance - ministering in love to the needs of the whole man in his life situtation.

Christ/Person Centered

Being a person made in the image of God is life's highest expression. Thus, our ministry is Christ/Person centered. We are individuals who are very precious in God's sight. Many times our work is on a one to one basis. Individual needs are not forgotten even in group settings. The individual and his or her spiritual need represent the basic philosophy of our approach.

Commitment, Love, and Acceptance

Care and concern facilitate good relationships between individuals as they share in the lives of each other. High quality care and instruction usually relieve anxiety and tension; and a sense of Christian commitment, love, and acceptance set a very positive atmosphere in which Christian guidance and encouragement are effective.